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Hello guys! My name is Timsy. Mumbai escorts I live in Mumbai. I spoke for a long time, wanted to share my experience with you. Now I am married, I got married last month. But with the experience you want to share, it is a few months before the wedding. Guys, I know about sex, but it did not know that girls can enjoy it together even sex. A best friend is my witness, whose name, I was studying in college. We often used to study together. And if he stays too long in my house, Mumbai escort so I had to go back at night. My room is different. And both of us to go to sleep. Friends whim one night we were up late studying. Dad asked me to cook. But I wanted to take my notes made at the time so I refused father. Dad called me and other abused her. Mother took the side of the father. I was very angry at this point and I was in my room crying. I felt very bad. Crying a lot, I fell asleep on the witness explained. The witness later sleep. Mumbai escorts Service It was off the lights dim light bulb was burning only. Suddenly my eyes open after about half an hour. I was sleeping with my witness. Oh so close !! His face one or two inches away from my face would hardly. I do not know why my breath a strange vibe was great. Her pink lips my lips were just an inch or two away. En: Excite was probably around my body. I do not know why my focus was on her pink lips and was constantly watching them. Mumbai escorts Agency Suddenly my hand started caressing her lips. My body was trembling excito strange. And I was not able to stop myself. Suddenly my attention towards the eyes were witnessing. Oops !! She was looking at me. I was so busy with his lips caressing did not know when she wakes up. We look into each other's eyes were. Witness was probably feeling the same excito burn my body was on fire. Mumbai escort Service

I had fun and I got to accompany him into a rhythm. From the time the witness was really enjoying Chudwane. Female Escorts Mumbai I was witness to one side then the other side I have my fingers Chod was sucking on his tongue. She repeatedly removes fingers in my mouth and never ever give me. I seemed to like the taste of my pussy. Then he turned me upside down and put it back in my wet fingers. I suddenly felt a pain in putting all the fun I wanted to take on. After a while out inside seemed nice. Now I was not going to. The witness was driving me nuts. Russian Escorts Mumbai After witnessing her pussy while he was at my mouth and my pussy towards my mouth, ie position of 69 came in. There was a strange smell of her pussy. Oops !! She was wet, badly. Suddenly I felt in witnessing his hot tongue. And I do not know when I started licking her pussy. Maybe I wanted to eat it all the juice out of it was inside. Witness ever was licking my pussy was ever put your tongue in my back. Mumbai escorts Girls I also put my tongue in her pussy crazy Trnh started out. Suddenly I felt something is going to be. And ah ah !! Ah witness to suck water out from under me to lick my pussy licking licking harder ah ah! I do not know what started blabbering. Kanpa my entire body after a sharp stream of water was calm. Then I calmed him licking pussy of witness. Mumbai escort We lay like that for a while there. Then we dressed and went to sleep, after which a vigorous. In my mind it was a strange pleasure. Friends, then we have to enjoy it many times. I will share with you all. Now I'm married. I've told my Hsbnd and they want everything that I do sex with a girl in front of them. Then there was my sex Suruat May Sollge Guys you to complete and now I am in Mumbai escorts service. I will make you happy and excited Prapt. Mumbai escorts Agency

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